Take care of your pretty flower ladies and help them not solely to determine on garments however as well as make these pretty headpieces to make them look like little angels. The supplies are ribbon, supplies, a thumbtack or button,  scissors, a pencil, a scorching glue gun. Draw a H- or six- petal flower on the left facet of the material and reduce it out. Turn it so that the suitable facet of the material is coping with up. Using the current glue gun, stick one end of the ribbon to the center of the material flower. Fold the ribbon over and direct it onto one different supplies petal, gluing it inside the center as you go. Repeat this step until all the ribbon petals match all of the supplies petals. Stick the thumbtack or button to the center of the flower. Using the current glue gun, stick the second measurement of ribbon to the once more of the flower. Give it to your flower lady and make her joyful!

Source: diybride

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